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At the WasteBar, you can get a drink or a snack and pay for it with litter such as cans and cigarette butts. Because litter has (circular) value. We are currently looking into how cigarette butts can be biologically degraded or how we can turn them into a usable plastic or textile. This is how we complete the circle. At the WasteBar, you can experience what the future looks like.

WasteBar april22.jpeg

The Waste Bar is a mobile bar where litter is accepted as a form of payment. It is a positive win-win

concept. A clean neighbourhood, park and city. A changed mindset for you and for me. A positive

image for participating partners. We use art to show participants in an accessible way that waste

today has (literal) value. That, moreover, it is not waste, but a raw material for new products.


In 2019, a Waste Bar pilot took place on the beaches of Goa, India.

The response of the Waste Bar was great. Not only from the participating public but also the

regional, national and international media (both online and printed) including TV and radio paid

ample attention to the Waste Bar.


The LaLa Foundation started the WasteBar in the Netherlands based on the idea of think global act



After all, the Dutch alone throw away between 35 and 140 million kg of litter on the streets or in

green spaces. Candy wrappers, cans, bottles, newspapers and other paper, cigarette butts and

chewing gum. During the corona pandemic , single use plastic waste has even increased and the

litter problem has not diminished. The UN Climate Report released in 2021 stresses that

fundamental behavioural changes are necessary to reverse the rapid climate change.


We start in June 2022 in Utrecht.


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