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The LaLaLab is a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaborative production.

Artists from the Netherlands and India each with a different background and

discipline will create a new collaborative performance together.

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Participating artists:


TeaTime Company (Hannah Rogerson, Bavo De Smedt and Pieter Visser) create

performances where the borders of circus and dance disappear to create a new and

hybrid movement language. A language that shows concrete, human reactions to

abstract situations. Complex ideas are met with accessibility and charm, along with

subtle humour and strong imagery.


Kishor KC, a trained kalaripayattu artist has extensive performance experience and

has earlier collaborated with a French circus troupe on the Chinese pole.


Sjahin During is an experienced percussionist from the Netherlands with Turkish roots who

has performed in 32 countries worldwide and has been learning from masters

as far afield as Havana, Cuba to Istanbul, Turkey as well as India, Spain and



He has been sharing his knowledge and love for rhythm for the last 15 years as a

teacher at the Utrecht Conservatory. Sjahin has founded his own groups and has

performed with many known international artists.


More information can be found on


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Sunaad Anoor masters the Kanjira, the south Indian hand drum. His mission is to

keep the instrument alive and make it popular around the world. and


The artists will together create a unique new improvisation piece using movement,

strength, balance and rhythm. The improvisation will feature props and material from

Tea Time’s performance Stick-Stok, exploring the arts of Kalaripayattu and Kanjira.

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