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With Finding LaLaLand, the foundation is experimenting with new forms of

cultural exchange, in which the target group is stimulated to actively

participate through the use of gamification. Cultural exchange is essential for a

healthy society because it ensures diversity and acceptance of other ideas. On

the digital LaLaLand platform, we want culture makers from the Netherlands

and India to come together to create and learn from each other. In both digital

and hybrid form. The corona pandemic has brought physical international

cultural exchange and cultural tourism to a virtual standstill, and it has become

clear that new forms of culture-making must be sought. At the same time,

digitalization has accelerated. This offers a unique opportunity. The entire

cultural and creative sector is experimenting. This leads to innovation. Just a

year ago, it was much more difficult to connect local organizations and culture

makers directly with culture makers on the other side of the world!

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 1.28.26 AM.png

Finding LaLaLand is a festival(like) experience that is experienced both

physically and digitally. Performances, workshops and other interactions are

interwoven through assignments that challenge the participant to physically

complete a task, alone or with others, with friends or strangers. At home and

outdoors. Finding LaLaLand is unique in that it brings together gamification and

programming. An important aspect to Finding LaLaLand is providing a platform

for the creative and artistic community. All of this combined makes Finding

LaLaLand a total experience, social, cultural and creative.


A website was developed in collaboration with the Utrecht University of

Applied Sciences ( is designed as a

festival, with a stage in the middle where performances can be shown via

livestream. There is a link that leads to a workshop environment (in zoom) and

behind different icons participants find assignments.

This proof of concept was tested with employees of during the

annual staff day. This company has employees in Goa, Ahmedabad and


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